Kyushu, Day 7: Kurokawa Onsen

The tour spots in Mount Aso though were still foggy so we abandoned the idea that we can still go here. Helen brought us instead to Nabegataki Falls.

We went to a good viewpoint after lunch and had a bit of good weather…

The tour spots in Mount Aso though were still foggy so we abandoned the idea that we can still go here. Helen brought us instead to NABEGATAKI FALLS. It is considered as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Japan, and it offers the experience of being able to go behind it.

It was a very fun experience despite the rain. At that time, I thought that if it was summer season, it would be tempting to have your feet dipped into the water.

Our next (and last) stop was KUROKAWA ONSEN, one of the popular hot spring towns in Japan. What is interesting here is that you can buy a tegata (wooden pass) which you can use to go to 3 different onsen in the town aside from the ryokan where you booked. There is a shrine in the town where used tegata can be used as an ema.

Near the shrine is a face steamer which we tried. Warning though that it gave off a bit of rotten egg smell.

Some more exploration of the town…

…until we reached this ryokan known for its hot spring with beautifying effect. They had a free ashiyu so we took a quick rest here. The temperature was bearable especially because it was very cold on that day.

Before going to Higo-ozu Station, Helen was kind enough to go to Ozu Central Park first so that we could check if Roronoa Zoro’s statue (One Piece) was already there. Unfortunately, nope.

We said our goodbyes then C and I had dinner in Ippudo. I tried the tantanmen – it was delicious but I still prefer my all-time favorite shiromaru. Hehe.

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