Kyushu, Day 2: Miyajima

Our first stop was Miyajima. The train from Hiroshima to Miyajimaguchi and ferry going to Miyajima were free because we had the JR Pass.

MARCH 5, 2020

We bought a 7-day JR pass as we went around the Kyushu region for the next few days. So for our first use, we went to Hiroshima using this pass and boarding a shinkansen. Our first stop was Miyajima. The train from Hiroshima to Miyajimaguchi and ferry going to Miyajima were free because we had the JR Pass.

The weather was a bit gloomy as we experienced a bit of drizzle and there was fog in some parts. We visited ITSUKUSHIMA SHRINE (¥300) first and we were surprised to see a few deer around.

Prior to our flight to Japan, I already read that the famous otorii was under restoration so no surprise that we saw this…

Itsukushima Shrine is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and located in a small inlet. Upon entering, the path is linear so you will not get lost. The path in front of Takabutai (elevated stage) has the best view of the otorii! And most likely, the sunset as well. The shrine and otorii are illuminated everyday after sunset until 23:00.

Here was our view near the Takabutai…

Explored a bit more of the shrine…

After going out of the shrine, we went to Omotesando to eat brunch. I was dead set in eating at KAKIYA, famous for its plump Miyajima oysters. The place was a bit difficult to find because they had no English sign but Google Maps location was on point.

My sister and I got the Normal Kakiya Set (¥2,150) to share and I ordered a plate of raw oysters (¥900) for myself.

Kakiya did not disappoint! It was my first time to see such big and plump oysters. Getting to taste these oysters served in different styles was also a plus point for me. For the set that we ordered, we had barbecued oysters, simmered oysters on rice, fried oysters, oiled oysters, red miso oyster soup, and cabbage with their original oyster dressing. Sobrang sulit!

For dessert, we went back to the stall that we passed by (still in Omotesando) which was selling momiji croissant (¥200). It was crispy and not too sweet hence the perfect dessert for me! ❤

Before going back to the ferry station, we visited MOMIJIDANI KOEN – famous for its maple trees during autumn. We just took a quick look as we were pressed for time but there is a cable car near the park which can take you at the top of Mount Misen.

That’s it for Miyajima. Next entry will be on Hiroshima City!

Author: Anne F

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