Italy, Day 9: Milan

We left early the next morning to visit Duomo di Milano even if our tour was still in the afternoon. We went around the church to admire its exterior… it was so huge that it took us some minutes to finish going around.

APRIL 20, 2019

Despite being almost-victims to a scam, we had a good night’s sleep in our Airbnb thanks to our lovely hosts and their free snacks. We left early the next morning to visit DUOMO DI MILANO even if our tour was still in the afternoon. We went around the church to admire its exterior… it was so huge that it took us some minutes to finish going around.

For lunch, we first stuffed our tummies with the famous panzerottis from LUINI. We got the pomodoro e mozzarella and prosciutto e mozzarella – both were really delicious! We were lucky that there was not a long line when we got there because by the time we finished ordering, a long line started to form.

Since we opted to have half of our orders to be our dinner on our journey to Venice, we decided to get pasta from PIZZERIA DI GENNARO.

We went to EMANUELE VITTORIO MALL afterwards, with still an hour to kill before our tour. Most of the shops were for premium / luxury brands so nothing for us to see. Haha!

Finally, it was time for our tour! We booked a tour with Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano (click here), the organization responsible for the construction, maintenance, and restoration of Duomo. I highly recommend that you book your tour with them because they are the only ones allowed to skip the line (both for inside the cathedral and rooftop).

Milan Cathedral is the 5th largest church in the world and it took more than six centuries to finally complete it. After the tour, I can say that this is my favorite church so far! It made the trip to Milan worthwhile despite being almost-victims to a scam.

After Viktor toured us in different parts of the duomo, it was finally time to go up the rooftop. Again, because we booked the tour with VFDM, we were the only group that was allowed to skip the line.

Seeing the spires up close was a treat and we had to walk slowly to take in all the details around us.

Viktor bid us goodbye at the end of the tour but he pointed that we could still go up to see the Madonnina spire up close. According to him, Madonnina represents the heart and soul of the city that’s why it is respected and held in high regard by Milan citizens.

We had to hurry back to our Airbnb hosts after the tour as we had a Trenitalia train to catch up going to Venice. If you haven’t been to Milan, I’d say go there once just to see the duomo.

Author: Anne F

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