How to Get an NBI Clearance Online

DISCLAIMER: I am not connected to NBI or any of their employees. I am sharing my experience in order to help others save themselves from the hassle of doing the whole process in any of the NBI offices.

Whenever I think of application for government-issued forms, clearances, IDs, etc., the first thing that comes into mind is the loooooong line in the government agency. It may take you the whole day to finish processing your application, or worse you have to come back the next day to finish the process. This is not the case with the NBI clearance, or at least in my case.

I finished getting my NBI clearance a while ago and I can attest that applying online will save you from stress, hassle, and long lines. Let me share the things I did to get my NBI clearance. 😉 By the way, there is also a PDF file for this which can be found here.

1) There are two ways of paying for the NBI Clearance — either through GCash or Pinoy Pera Padala. I was more familiar with GCash so I opted for this mode of payment. For GCash, one method of doing this is paying the clearance fee with the “cash” in your GCash wallet. The other method (which was the one I did) is to go to any Globe business center then pay through the cashier. I did my transaction at the Globe business center in TriNoma. Since my purpose for getting an NBI clearance is for local employment, I paid P140. By the way, there is an additional fee of 20 pesos for each transaction done in Globe business centers.

2) After paying, you  will be given a receipt which contains the date of your payment and the reference number. These two details are needed when you validate your payment online. The Globe personnel was kind enough to mark the reference number in my receipt so that I would be able to spot it easily.

3) Upon accessing the Internet, go to this website where you will be asked to do the following: type your e-mail address; choose how you paid for the clearance; type the reference number and date of payment; choose the purpose for getting an NBI clearance; and type the alphanumeric codes at the last part of the page. After doing this, click the VALIDATE button.

4) A few personal details will be asked from you, which includes your full name and date of birth. MAKE SURE that all of the details you will place there are SPELLED CORRECTLY. After clicking the “next” (or I think it was an “ok”) button, you will NOT be able to edit those details. Read each detail three times just to make sure everything is correct. What happens if you misspelled or entered the wrong information? You will have to PAY AGAIN since this was your mistake and not of any NBI employee. In other words, you would have wasted P140, if ever.

"Weapons" for the clearance LOL
“Weapons” for the clearance LOL

5) After another click of an “OK” button, you will have to fill up a few more personal details. You can edit this any time you want. After submitting the details, a QR code will be generated and given to you. You have to PRINT this to serve as the proof of your successful online application. An e-mail will also be sent to you, which contains the QR code.

6) You can now book an appointment via text/SMS in this format:

BOOK <space> Ref# <space> LocationCode <space> MMDDYYYY <space> HHMM <space> Name

Then SEND your text to 0917-563-8054.

  • Ref# is the reference # from your GCash or PPP transaction.
  • LocationCode refers to the NBI clearance outlet which you find as most convenient for you to go to. Find the nearest NBI clearance outlet to you by clicking here.
  • MMDDYYYY and HHMM refers to your preferred date and time for getting your NBI clearance. You must input military time (e.g., “0700” for 7AM, “1600” for 4PM).

I did steps 1 to 5 yesterday (April 1) so I had my appointment booked for today (April 2) at 2PM. The outlet I chose was Robinsons Galleria since this is the only outlet nearest to my home. Upon sending my request for appointment, I immediately received a text confirming my request, including a confirmation number.

7) I went to Robinsons Galleria this afternoon to get my clearance. DON’T FORGET TO BRING A VALID ID, by the way. I was not surprised to see long lines there. At the outlet, there are 4 steps to follow in order to get an NBI clearance. I skipped steps 1 to 2 since I already did them online. I went to step 3 and the NBI employee in this counter asked me to write in my QR code printout the type of valid ID I brought, ID number, my work/occupation, nickname, and cell phone number.

8) After this, my QR code was scanned to confirm my transaction for the clearance. Biometrics and picture taking followed this. The NBI employee told me to wait for my name to be called. Waiting time is estimated to be twenty minutes. I decided to just wait there instead of walking around the mall. I actually waited for just ten minutes before I got my NBI clearance. While waiting, I kept on praying that there would be no “hits” for my name. If ever you have a namesake,  you will be asked to come back at a specified date. I suppose they will check to make sure that you are not the person in their database who has a case or whatsoever. Anyway, my prayer was answered so I got my NBI clearance today.

My NBI clearance!!!
My NBI clearance!!!

I highly recommend applying for an NBI clearance online! You only have to spend less than thirty minutes at the NBI outlet to get your clearance. Goodbye to stressful long lines! 🙂

Author: Anne F

Anne has been blogging on and off since July 2005. Currently, she documents her travels in this website -- itinerary and pictures of food, attractions, nature, and people (whether she knows them or not). Her love for travel started in 2013 when she visited the Northern part of PH. Now, she makes it a point to travel at least once a year to satiate her adventurous and wanderlust spirit. © Anne Fernando /, 2012-2020. All Rights Reserved. {Unauthorized use and/or duplication of all content in this site (text, images, videos, etc.) without permission from the author/owner is strictly prohibited. Please give full and proper credit to the owner, including specific direction to the original content.}

19 thoughts on “How to Get an NBI Clearance Online”

  1. do you need to present police clearance once you process your nbi clearance from gcash? please text me +639124419212.. tnx much,, 🙂

  2. hi there, i was having trouble on paying using my own gcash. ano ba dapat kong i click? send GCASH or pay bills? kasi hindi nagwowork yung 28829175638053. dapat 11 digit mobile number lang. pano ba yung gnawa mo? tnx

    1. Hi nickz! The GCash service I availed was the one where I personally paid at a Globe Business Center (in my case, the one in TriNoma). I’m not really familiar with how GCash via mobile phone works so I apologize if I can’t help you with this one. 😦

  3. hi there, thank you for your quick response. im not familiar with gcash and if ever, will be my first time to transact. maybe ill just have to find a near business center to pay to avoid errors. thank you!

  4. Ate, di mo ba naexperience tong ganito?
    “Please make sure you have not mistyped your reference number and payment date/birthdate.” Di na kasi ako nalaalis sa account registration. E ilan beses ko na naman chineck ung reference number at date/time sa receipt, tama naman lahat ng nilagay ko 😦
    kaninang umaga lang naman din ako nag punta sa globe.

    1. Hi Jonina! Sorry if I wasn’t able to respond agad. As far as I can remember, I didn’t experience any error during my online registration. Hopefully you haven’t closed the window for your registration since pinag-type ka na sa umpisa pa lang nung reference number, right? My best suggestion would be to call NBI office as early as 8AM tomorrow so that they can assist you. Just hold on to your receipt from GCash since they might verify details with your payment. Most likely the error has something to do with the reference number or payment date since I think it’s close to impossible naman na may mali sa input mo na birthdate. Update me if your registration is already okay. 🙂

    2. hi there, i went to villarica pawnshop yesterday. yun lang kasi may gcash outlet malapit samin. but they just taught me how to use gcash since im a globe subscriber naman and advised me na ako na lang mag process kasi their not sure din sa nbi payment. last time daw kasi kulang yung payment ng customer and balewala lang yung ginawa at nasisi pa sila. So they said to me na idouble check ko muna yung amount para hindi masayang yung payment. then checked out your blog again when i reached home to make everything sure. after i send my payment i received a confirmation text right away that payment has been made. I registered online using my email and typed the reference number and date correctly. Yes, 100% sure. but same way as janine. I got “Please make sure you have not mistyped your reference number and payment date/birthdate” notice. I re-typed everything and repeat the process over and over. more than 10x ata pero ganun padin. I cant registered the reference number. My mom told me her friend encountered the same problem at useless lang nangyari because hindi na resolved kaya sayang lang payment + effort. Kaya no choice, old style ulit ginawa nya yung pumila ng madaling araw.. It almost pissed me off. Kaya i cant afford to masayang lang din yung ginawa kong effort at masayang yung 140 pesos. I keep on reading blogs and comments regarding NBI E-clearance. Ng message ako sa Help desk nila, Nag email din ako that I always got payment validation error pero walang response sa NBI kahit ilang beses ako nag email and text. Then i tried to clear my browser’s cache, may nabasa kasi kong comment na this will help daw. but after i did it. wala pa din. I decided na tigilan na at hayaan na lang. Then kaninang umaga sinubukan ko ulit iregister and at along last.. na validate din sa wakas nagpa book din agad ako tomorrow and i received confirmation text of my booking agad. Ang concern ko na lang ngaun is sana mabilis lang talaga at wala kong HIT. I read a post din kasi na kahit daw my e-clearance lane sa rob galleria eh pinapila pa din sya. I hope na walang ganun. 🙂

      1. Hi nickz! Grabe naman yan, akala ko efficient yung online registration nila. 😐 Pero buti same kayo ni Jonina na hindi naman nasayang yung bayad although nakaka-panic pag paulit-ulit yung error.

        Sa Galleria ka rin ba kukuha? Ako kasi pinapila pero sa picture and fingerprinting na yun. Super iksi lang ng pila compared doon sa pila na magsstart pa lang ng registration since they didn’t do it online. I think yung pila dyan 2 long lines nung time na kumuha ako. Hopefully di hassle pila sayo since weekday naman. 🙂

      2. Hi there again, i already went to RobGallleria na kanina, I was 1 hour early, close pa yung mall nung dumating ako. 10am pa kc sched ko. Naawa ako sa mga taong nakapila dun, super dami nila. I wonder kung bakit hindi aware ang karamihan tungkol sa online application para wala masyadong hassle. Nung nagstart na yung e-clearance lane, pang 8 ata ko.. mabilis nga lang.. tapos yung mga hindi online nag appy hindi pa nag i-start i process. Like you i was praying na no “HIT” in my name. Kinabahan ako nung nasa releasing na kasi yung nasa unahan ko HIT and nung turn ko na.. ayun… tinatakan din yung resibo ko and ask to come back after 2 weeks pa. I was very disappointed kasi first time lang nagka Hit tapos. nbi clearance na lang yung kulang na requirements ko sa inaapplyan kong trabaho. And by the time na ma release na yung NBI ko. closing na yung job application. Hindi rin pumayag kasi yung inaapplyan ko na to follow na lang yung NBI. kaya ngayon nganga muna sa bahay,. I just really wish na NBI system will be more accurate.

      3. Sobrang tagal naman ng waiting time, hindi man lang 1 week? Kung iccross-examine man lahat kayo ng mga kapangalan mo, parang ang expectation ko kasi sa kanila dapat may database sila na with one click marami ka ng na-aaccess at nagagawa. I mean, hello nasa age of technology na tayo?!

        Shucks Nickz, I’m so sorry to hear that. 😦 Hindi na ko nagtataka na walang kwenta yung sistema ng apps and stuff pagdating sa gov’t.

  5. Toinks! I have a problem again. About naman sa booking -_- .. Invalid Date/Time range. Tama naman nilagay ko kasi dinouble check ko muna bago ko i-send. I decided na pumunta ng 8AM then nilagay ko ay 0800 in military time, two times ko ng sinend, ganun padin reply sakin. Can you help me Ate? 😦 bka masayang tong online reg ko 😦

  6. Gobyerno kasi. Di nawawala ang kapalpakan. Yung “Please make sure you have not mistyped your reference number and payment date/birthdate.” sa GCash payments, ang dahilan siguro nyan ay manually nilang ine-enter sa system nila yung reference number ng paymnets sa GCash account nila. Kaya asahan nyo na na matagal lalo kung beyond office hours kayo nagbayad through GCash. Kinabukasan pa yan kasi walang tao sa opisina. Palpak talaga. Ngayon aalisin na nila ang GCash payments starting Sept. 13, 2013 daw.

    1. Seryoso??? Kahit may pagkapalpak yung online registration, mas naging convenient naman kahit papaano ang pagkuha ng clearance. Sana inimprove na lang nila yung system kaysa tanggalin yung buong online keme.

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