Foodgasm episode 14: Chef Arch’s Lime 88

Aaaah. Finally got the chance to post my first entry this 2013. This one is an overdue post since I went to this hole-in-the-wall resto last December 21, 2012. I always see this place packed with people especially during the night. My mom and I actually wondered if it was the usual inuman place. The chance to see what’s in Chef Arch’s Lime 88 came when my mom was too lazy to cook dinner and she didn’t want to eat fast food stuff. We (mama, tatay, and I) ordered three dishes and I was able to make my mom buy me a cocktail. This was the first time she bought me an alcoholic drink. Yay! πŸ˜‰

Lychee Martini 75
Lychee Martini (PhP75)
Creamy Garlic Tuyo Pasta (PhP175)
Creamy Garlic Tuyo Pasta (PhP175)

While waiting for this dish, we thought it was good for sharing. But since I was soooo hungry that night, I actually thought to myself I could finish this dish on my own. Haha! Good thing we still had two other dishes to share so I was fine with sharing the pasta with my mom. This dish was really delicious although I would have preferred the tuyo to be himay already. Tuyo flakes might also work for this dish.

Osso Busco Kare Kare (PhP230)
Osso Busco Kare Kare (PhP230)

OH. MY. GOSH. BEST KARE-KARE I’VE TASTED! The meat was perfectly cooked. I also love how the bagoong (aka shrimp paste) was done. It tastes the same as what my uncle cooks, which I consider as the best bagoong. If you’re a first timer at Lime 88, you should order this one. If I’m not mistaken, this dish is one of their bestsellers.

Silken Tokwa and Crispy Tenga with Sinamak Soy Dressing (PhP190)
Silken Tokwa and Crispy Tenga with Sinamak Soy Dressing (PhP190)

I was hesitant to eat the crispy tenga because it’s ear. Duh. I don’t know which animal owns that ear but my tatay insisted it was delicious. I had a bite and all of my doubts on this dish disappeared. The tokwa (or tofu) and tenga matched with the dressing which is actually just soy sauce and vinegar. Cholesterooooool. </3

The claim to fame of this place is “street food with a twist.” Indeed, pinasosyal nila yung street food — from plating to the name of the dish and even to how Chef Arch placed his own twist to the different dishes. It’s quite pricey though. Still, the food was worth every cent we spent. I highly recommend this place to everyone, especially to those living in Mandaluyong. πŸ˜‰


Chef Arch’s Lime 88: 160 San Rafael St., Mandaluyong, Philippines

Author: Anne F

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