My birthday month summed up in pictures

Yesterday was THE day. The day I passed my last requirement for the first semester of AY2011-2012. *tears of joy* I can finally sleep for as long as I want to. This sembreak would be my last since I will be graduating from college next year. Yes, I WILL graduate and that will be on March 2013. 🙂

My hell weeks began last September, which was actually my birthday month. Good thing there were a few stuffs to look forward to during that month, such as the Maroon 5 concert (whose opening act was The Cab, my MOST favorite band) and field trip in Intramuros. I will let the pictures do the talking since I’m still not in the mood to write lengthy entries (hangover from thesis and final papersss!).

Airport Lego @ SM MoA (09-01-2012)

Gold Mine Lego @ SM MoA (09-01-2012)
ala-Posh Town Lego @ SM MoA (09-01-2012)
Star Wars Lego @ SM MoA (09-01-2012)

Pardon for not being too familiar with the characters in Star Wars. >.<

Star Wars Lego @ SM MoA (09-01-2012)
Star Wars Lego @ SM MoA (09-01-2012)
My favorite piece in the Lego display
Sbarro lasagna
Sbarro seafood pasta meal
Sbarro pizza
Had my birthday lunch with these ladies (and sir Romanillos who is not present in this picture)
Pizza Hut treat from sir Romanillos (happy birthday to me!)
Patron tickets for the Maroon 5 concert (with The Cab <3)
With ate Kharm before the Maroon 5 concert 🙂

Sadly, that is the only picture I had during my birthday. Oh well. Had fun screaming and singing to all of The Cab’s songs as well as that of Maroon 5’s. My concert buddies (little sister and ate Kharm) and I vowed that we will look forward to every Maroon 5 concert in Manila and we will make an effort to attend each concert (hopefully, patron seats always). Achib!

My little sister with our new friends, Noreen and Del — united by our intense love for The Cab

Chantry, Joey, Singer, Dave, and Marshall doing sound check (TriNoma Activity Center, 09-21-2012)
Chantry and Alex (“Bad”)
Blast from the past!
In front of Manila Cathedral, which is actually not visible in this picture

In case you are wondering what the hell are we wearing, those are clothes that fall under the Philippine national costume. We were required to wear the national costume during our field trip in Intramuros. Quite embarrassing at first but after a few minutes we got used to the stares of people. We even had fun wearing it for a few hours. 😉

Palacio del Gobernador @ Intramuros, Manila

The building even gives off an “authoritarian” -ish vibe. One of my favorite shots during the trip.

Original copy of Dr. Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere

Original copy of Dr. Jose Rizal’s Mi Ultimo Adios
Seeing the Pasig River

I absolutely love this lamp (or whatever this display is)! It looks quite old but it’s classy. If only I could bring this home… </3

We were not allowed to take pictures, in front of this monument, with our national costumes on. We had to change to our casual clothes and we decided not to change back to our Filipiniana since it was a hassle to keep on changing clothes.

I love shooting places, especially in angles like this. Weird ba?

A belated happy birthday to me! Thank you little sister for taking this picture. Off to enjoy my well-deserved sembreak! 🙂