Foodgasm episode 2: Song-Tsu Shabu Shabu & Icebergs

Overdue post. I tagged along with my mom when she met with her friends last month. We went to Harbor Square in Manila and ate dinner at Song-Tsu Shabu Shabu, a Korean restaurant. I had no idea what they ordered since the meat, seafood, and veggies were already served when my mom, sister, and I arrived at the said place. I cannot resist taking pictures of the food there since everything looked yummy. Even the spices in the table did not escape my camera!

Spices (yay for garlic!)
Meat. Meat. Meat.
Bacon = more meat!
Waiting for the meat to cook *drools*

I was surrounded by different kinds of meat and I just grabbed two pieces from each plate and placed them in the boiling broth. One minute of waiting felt like ten minutes.

Dip the meat and seafood here!

After the numerous meat, fish balls, clams, oysters, and shrimps that went inside my stomach, I finally felt full. I thought we were going home after the dinner but I learned that we will have dessert at Icebergs. Yay! Since I was not in the mood to eat parfait or whatnot combination that they have in the menu, I ordered two scoops of strawberry ice cream instead. My sister had vanilla while my mom and her friends had halo-halo, which was very delicious by the way.

My all-time favorite ice cream flavor… Strawberry!
My sister’s all-time favorite ice cream… Vanilla!
One of Icebergs specialties: Super Halo-halo (PhP94)

It’s been almost three years since I last ate at Icebergs and I was very happy to find out that their desserts are still good, if not better. Definitely worth the money. What made me happier during that night was the fact that I did not spend a single cent. 😀


Song-Tsu Shabu Shabu: Harbour Square, CCP Complex, Manila

Icebergs: Harbour Square, CCP Complex, Manila

Author: Anne F

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